Studying at your own pace and knowing when to stop

We’ve interviewed Callum at the end of his first semester of a Creative Media Technology course at Leeds Beckett University. In the 3-minute video interview he talks about working at his own pace, relating to other students and the support he received.

Callum explains how he has found the difference between studying at college and studying at University, particularly understanding how much work he was expected to do independently and how his support helped him to reduce the amount of time he was dedicating to studying, from 70+ hrs per week to a much more reasonable 30+ hrs.

About Callum

Callum’s always been interested in using technology creatively and has successfully run a Formula 1 blog for a few years now. He commenced his studies at Leeds Beckett in 2015 and chose Leeds Beckett University because of of the support available for autistic students – not just when the course starts but over many months beforehand. Callum met with his Disability Adviser and applied for Disabled Students Allowances prior to commencing his studies and this enabled him to make an informed choice as well as ensuring he had support in place from the beginning of his course.